• Senior Baltic
  • Senior Ekspert Poland
  • Senior Group Russia
  • Senior Group France
Total population of countries 7.9M (Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania)
  • Q-ty of beds 30 000
  • Q-ty of additional beds to be needed the next 10 years - 40 000

The JV of Monroe Invest (Batipart Group) and Senior Group acting under the Senior Baltic trade mark has chosen Riga as pilot project city, based on its central location in the Baltic region, to create a non-governmental network of live-in facilities in Baltic States

We assist seniors and persons with limited mobility to lead full, comfortable lives in our residences.

Local address: Riga, Lacplesa 27, Since 2011.

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Total population of Poland- 38M
  • Q-ty of beds 17 100
  • Q-ty of beds to be needed the next 10 years - 25 000

Senior Ekspert is 100% daughter of Senior Group.

Local address: Poland, Warsaw, ul.Grzybowska 61, Since 2012

Total population of Russia - 143M
  • Q-ty of beds 220 000
  • Q-ty of beds to be needed the next several years - 360 000

Senior Group was founded in 2006. All projects of the Group planed to be realized in close cooperation with Groupe Almage, a French company that ensures high-quality European services for the customers.

Local address: Moscow, Sivcev Vragek 44, Since 2006.


Local address: OPI Conseil, 73 rue Leon Bourgeois, 91120, Palaiseau

Picture of invitation for Kobliakov by President of France N.Sarkozy



The aged care in Eastern is not yet as developed in the rest of the EU. Government allocated funds are not sufficient to ensure the necessary level of investments into existing and newly created retirement residences.

Senior Group, in forms of a joint ventures with local and international partner, creates a non-governmental network of live-in facilities in Eastern Europe.

The JVs acting under the Senior Baltic, Senior Group France, Senior Group Russia, Senior Ekspert (PL) trade marks has chosen Riga, Moscow, Warsaw, Kaliningrad, Kirkovas pilot project cities, based on their central locations in the Eastern Europe.

The JV activity will be based on the following main principles of the Senior Care.

Respecting all the fundamental rights of aged person.

Assist in maintaining family ties for all and any resident.

An integration with the existing social care system to support rather than compete with the existing government provided services.

Creating only of disabled friendly residences

We assist seniors and persons with limited mobility to lead full, comfortable lives in our residences.

4.Eastern Europe

4.Eastern Europe

  • vs North America
  • vs Western Europe
  • vs Far East and Australia

Countries: The US, Canada

The speed of growth of LTC Need of North America (NA) in 2000- 2040 is app 3,8% (Compared to Eastern European (EE) 5,3%)

Countries: Austria, Belgium, Denmark, Finland, France, Germany, Greece, Iceland, Ireland, Italy, Luxembourg, Netherlands, Norway, Portugal, Spain, Sweden, Switzerland, United Kingdom

The speed of growth of LTC Need of Western Europe (WE) in 2000- 2040 is app 4,8% (Compared to Eastern European (EE) 5,3%)

Countries: Australia, Japan, Korea, New Zealand

The speed of growth of LTC Need of Far East and Australia (FA) in 2000 - 2040 is app 7,2% (Compared to Eastern European (EE) 5,3%)


5.Executive team

Nikolai Kobliakov, Senior Baltic board member
  • General director of OpiConseil (France) since 2004
  • At 2010 he became the first businessman in the sphere of Senior Care in Russia who was invited on the meeting with Russian President, and whose activity was noted on the highest level
  • 1995-2001, LLC KobBolt, Moscow, General Director. Over 7 years of successful work led the company to a leading position in the market of licensed audio and video products
  • 1995 – Moscow State University, Physical Department; 2001 – Moscow State University, Low Department
  • M.B.A. TRIUM (HEC LSE NYU) more...
Olga Grebneva, COO (Russia)
  • Director of Russian representative office at Senior Group
  • Director of the first private Senior Group nursing home in Russia, responsible for the operations, organization of business-processes (know-how), negotiations with government, development in Russian regions, marketing research and PR activity
  • Volgograd Academy of Public Administration, head of press-service
  • Volgograd Academy of Public Administration, department of State and Municipal Management
  • 2007-2011 – series of study programs “European experience of Senior Care” in the nursing homes of the major Senior Care operators: Korian Groupe, GDP Vandome, Groupe Almage. (France)
Marité Michaud, (France)
  • Since 2007, Senior Group project coordinator in France
  • 2007-2010: responsible for starting and development project in France; responsible for searching and communications with European partners
  • Since 2010 : participated in organizing and setting up partnerships for SG in Russia, in audit works for obtaining certification of european quality standards SG for Retirement homes